Sunday, 25 July 2010

On our way...

So, after many months (years?) of planning we're off. We've packed up our house and and our things, left our jobs, packed our bags and said good bye to our friends and family...

And it's strange - even sitting here in Bergen it hasn't quite sunk in that we won't be going home for a year. It wasn't really until we started packing that saying goodbye that I became fully aware of what we were leaving behind and how much I'm going to miss my life - and all my friends - in London. So maybe it won't be until a few weeks/ months down the road that we realise how long we're actually going for.

I'm sure we'll have an amazing time, but I also know how much I'll miss everyone at home - so if any of you fancy joining us somewhere en route do let us know, it'd great to see you!

1 comment:

  1. Bon voyage! We really hope you have a super time and we're definitely going to miss you. We can only begin to imagine some of the amazing people and places you will be experiencing and can hardly wait to see the photos and accompanying anecdotes. Love Becky and Gavin x